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Remove default footer.tpl; it's identical to the raw version

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<div id="footerwrap" class="center">
<div id="poweredby" class="fl"><a href=""><img src="{theme_path location='images/powered-by-mahara.gif'}" border="0" alt=""></a></div>
<!-- This site is powered by Mahara, an Open Source
ePortfolio system. Mahara is (C) 2006-2008 Catalyst IT
Ltd. See for more details.
NOTE: this image and link are a way that you can
support the Mahara project. Support us and we'll
support you! If you remove this image and link, you
may not receive support in the Mahara forums -->
<p><a href="{$WWWROOT}terms.php">{str tag=termsandconditions}</a> |
<a href="{$WWWROOT}privacy.php">{str tag=privacystatement}</a> |
<a href="{$WWWROOT}about.php">{str tag=about}</a> |
<a href="{$WWWROOT}contact.php">{str tag=contactus}</a></p>
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