Commit 0dd99a2a authored by Rebecca Blundell's avatar Rebecca Blundell Committed by Robert Lyon
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Bug #1694563 - add step to make breakpoint in testing

Added step to make the test pause until you press enter
in the console.

Also added a step to print a debug line to the console


Change-Id: I0066c0203d34f4fd021d8ac24105cf5e55a2cc07
parent db9c6f5e
......@@ -1372,4 +1372,33 @@ JS;
* Pauses the scenario until the user presses a key. Useful when debugging a scenario locally
* but not meant for automated runs.
* @Then /^(?:|I )insert breakpoint$/
public function i_insert_breakpoint() {
fwrite(STDOUT, "\n\033[s \033[93m[Breakpoint] Press \033[1;93m[RETURN]\033[0;93m to continue...\033[0m\n");
while (fgets(STDIN, 1024) == '') {
fwrite(STDOUT, "\033[u");
* Echos a line to the console to indicate where the test has reached in a scenario.
* For debugging tests without using a breakpoint. Ok for automated runs.
* @Then /^(?:\I )echo the line "([^"]*)"$/
public function i_echo_the_line($text){
fwrite(STDOUT, "\n\033[93m DEBUG: $text\033[0m\n\n");
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