Commit 0df3bbef authored by Nigel McNie's avatar Nigel McNie
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Change 'nobody' to 'nobody else' in view access strings.

Makes it more obvious that you always have access to your views.
parent 64e5c785
......@@ -58,9 +58,9 @@ $string['editviewaccess'] = 'Edit View access';
$string['deletethisview'] = 'Delete this View';
$string['submitthisviewto'] = 'Submit this View to';
$string['forassessment'] = 'for assessment';
$string['accessfromdate'] = 'Nobody can see this View before %s';
$string['accessuntildate'] = 'Nobody can see this View after %s';
$string['accessbetweendates'] = 'Nobody can see this View before %s or after %s';
$string['accessfromdate2'] = 'Nobody else can see this View before %s';
$string['accessuntildate2'] = 'Nobody else can see this View after %s';
$string['accessbetweendates2'] = 'Nobody else can see this View before %s or after %s';
$string['artefactsinthisview'] = 'Artefacts in this View';
$string['whocanseethisview'] = 'Who can see this View';
$string['view'] = 'view';
......@@ -68,7 +68,7 @@ $string['views'] = 'views';
$string['View'] = 'View';
$string['Views'] = 'Views';
$string['viewsubmittedtogroup'] = 'This View has been submitted to <a href="' . get_config('wwwroot') . 'group/view.php?id=%s">%s</a>';
$string['nobodycanseethisview'] = 'Nobody can see this View';
$string['nobodycanseethisview2'] = 'Only you can see this View';
$string['noviews'] = 'No Views.';
$string['youhavenoviews'] = 'You have no Views.';
$string['viewsownedbygroup'] = 'Views owned by this group';
......@@ -1462,17 +1462,18 @@ class View {
$data[$i]['artefacts'] = array();
$data[$i]['accessgroups'] = array();
if ($viewdata[$i]->startdate && $viewdata[$i]->stopdate) {
$data[$i]['access'] = get_string('accessbetweendates', 'view', format_date(strtotime($viewdata[$i]->startdate), 'strftimedate'),
$data[$i]['access'] = get_string('accessbetweendates2', 'view', format_date(strtotime($viewdata[$i]->startdate), 'strftimedate'),
format_date(strtotime($viewdata[$i]->stopdate), 'strftimedate'));
else if ($viewdata[$i]->startdate) {
$data[$i]['access'] = get_string('accessfromdate', 'view', format_date(strtotime($viewdata[$i]->startdate), 'strftimedate'));
$data[$i]['access'] = get_string('accessfromdate2', 'view', format_date(strtotime($viewdata[$i]->startdate), 'strftimedate'));
else if ($viewdata[$i]->stopdate) {
$data[$i]['access'] = get_string('accessuntildate', 'view', format_date(strtotime($viewdata[$i]->stopdate), 'strftimedate'));
$data[$i]['access'] = get_string('accessuntildate2', 'view', format_date(strtotime($viewdata[$i]->stopdate), 'strftimedate'));
$data[$i]['template'] = $viewdata[$i]->template;
// Go through all the artefact records and put them in with the
// views they belong to.
if ($artefacts) {
......@@ -65,7 +65,7 @@
{if $view.template}<br>{str tag=thisviewmaybecopied section=view}{/if}
{str tag="nobodycanseethisview" section="view"}
{str tag="nobodycanseethisview2" section="view"}
{if $view.submittedto}
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