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Merge "Add help file for remoteusername (bug #810302)"

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......@@ -167,6 +167,7 @@ if (count($authinstances) > 1) {
'title' => get_string('remoteusername', 'admin'),
'description' => get_string('remoteusernamedescription', 'admin', hsc(get_config('sitename'))),
'defaultvalue' => $un ? $un : $user->username,
'help' => true,
<h3>Username for external authentication</h3>
<p>When a user is authenticated by some service external to Mahara,
this field contains the identifier for the user on the remote service.
It is possible for a user to have several remote usernames stored in
Mahara, but each one must be associated with a different external
authentication method.</p>
<p>The current rules for the update of this field are as follows:</p>
<li>If you wipe the contents of this field and submit, any external
username associated with this user and the selected authentication
method will be deleted.</li>
<li>If you update the contents of this field to anything other than
the default, the external username will be reset, or a new one will
be created if it doesn't exist yet.</li>
<li>If you leave the contents of this field on the default and
submit, a new external username will be created if one doesn't exist
yet. However, if the user already has an external username for the
selected authentication method, and it's different to the default,
it will not be overwritten.</li>
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