Commit 0ef12b83 authored by Richard Mansfield's avatar Richard Mansfield
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Fix view editing page to deal with missing footer id

parent f31a6b08
......@@ -893,8 +893,8 @@ function ViewManager() {
var columnContainerPosition = elementPosition(self.columnContainer);
var columnContainerDimensions = elementDimensions(self.columnContainer);
var footerDimensions = getElementDimensions('footer', self.bottomPane);
var footerPosition = getElementPosition('footer', self.bottomPane);
var footerDimensions = getElementDimensions('footerwrap', self.bottomPane);
var footerPosition = getElementPosition('footerwrap', self.bottomPane);
setElementPosition(hotzone, {x: blockinstancePosition.x, y: previousHotzonePosition.y + previousHotzoneDimensions.h});
setElementDimensions(hotzone, {
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