Commit 0fc947d7 authored by Donal McMullan's avatar Donal McMullan
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Update change_password_validate to use new Auth Factory

parent f9ed1bbc
......@@ -496,19 +496,16 @@ function auth_check_password_change() {
function change_password_validate(Pieform $form, $values) {
global $USER;
// Get the authentication type for the user (based on the institution), and
// Get the authentication type for the user, and
// use the information to validate the password
$authtype = auth_get_authtype_for_institution($USER->get('institution'));
$authclass = 'Auth' . ucfirst($authtype);
$authlang = 'auth.' . $authtype;
safe_require('auth', $authtype);
$authobj = AuthFactory::create($USER->authinstance);
// @todo this could be done by a custom form rule... 'password' => $user
password_validate($form, $values, $USER->get('username'), $USER->get('institution'));
password_validate_user($form, $values, $USER);
// The password cannot be the same as the old one
if (!$form->get_error('password1')
&& call_static_method($authclass, 'authenticate_user_account', $USER->get('username'), $values['password1'], $USER->get('institution'))) {
&& $authobj->authenticate_user_account($USER, $values['password1'])) {
$form->set_error('password1', get_string('passwordnotchanged'));
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