Commit 10d10984 authored by Robert Lyon's avatar Robert Lyon

Removing superflous fullstop from group/uploadcsv.php (bug #1195120)

Change-Id: I080a3f5bc7f8ac193da467d6082e542bee45b396
Signed-off-by: Robert Lyon's avatarRobert Lyon <>
parent 6ad43a71
......@@ -568,7 +568,7 @@ $string['uploadgroupcsvpagedescription2'] = '<p>You may use this facility to upl
$string['uploadgroupcsveditrolesdescription'] = '<p>The editroles field can have any of the following: %s</p>
$string['uploadgroupmemberscsverrorduplicateusername'] = 'Error on line %s of your file: The shortname "%s" and username "%s" have already been specified in this file.';
$string['uploadgroupmemberscsverrorinvalidrole'] = 'Error on line %s of your file: The role "%s" is invalid for the specified group.';
$string['uploadgroupmemberscsverrornoadminlisted'] = 'Error on line %s of your file: The group shortname "%s" did not have any users with the "admin" role specified.';
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