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Add language and help files for 'resize images on upload' feature.

Change-Id: I4f7f9dde9a354fbf5466f029f886c5da285d2e0c
Signed-off-by: default avatarMike Kelly <>
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......@@ -48,6 +48,15 @@ $string['confirmdeletefolder'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete this folder?';
$string['confirmdeletefolderandcontents'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete this folder and all its contents?';
$string['customagreement'] = 'Custom agreement';
$string['Date'] = 'Date';
$string['resizeonupload'] = 'Resize images on upload';
$string['resizeonuploaddescription'] = 'Automatically resize large images on upload';
$string['resizeonuploaduseroption'] = 'Display user option';
$string['resizeonuploaduseroptiondescription'] = 'Show users the option to enable or disable automatic resizing of large images when uploading.';
$string['resizeonuploadenable'] = 'Enable automatic resizing of large images';
$string['resizeonuploadenablefilebrowser'] = 'Enable automatic resizing of images larger than %sx%s px (recommended)';
$string['resizeonuploadmaxwidth'] = 'Maximum width';
$string['resizeonuploadmaxheight'] = 'Maximum height';
$string['resizeonuploadenabledescription'] = 'Resize images on upload if they exceed the maximum width and height settings.';
$string['defaultagreement'] = 'Default agreement';
$string['defaultquota'] = 'Default quota';
$string['defaultquotadescription'] = 'You can set the amount of disk space that new users will have as their quota here.';
<h3>Resize large images on upload</h3>
<p>If enabled, any images which are larger than the height and width specified will be resized to fit the size limit.</p>
<p>This is highly recommended for images intended for normal display in a web browser. Very large images (e.g. straight from a digital camera) are slow to load in the browser, and take up unnecessary disk space, quickly using up your quota.
There is also no discernable gain in quality when viewing on a typical monitor.</p>
<p>However, you may wish to upload the original <strong>without</strong> resizing if you are sharing an image for printing.</p>
<p>You can choose the default setting for this option on your Settings page.</p>
<h3>Resize images on upload - maximum image size</h3>
<p>Maximum image size specifies a maximum pixel height and width for a user’s uploaded images. All images uploaded will be resized to these dimensions if they exceed the maximum image dimensions and image resizing is enabled.</p>
......@@ -94,3 +94,6 @@ $string['maildisableddescription'] = 'Sending of email to your account has been
$string['deleteaccount'] = 'Delete account';
$string['deleteaccountdescription'] = 'If you delete your account, all your content will be deleted permanently. You cannot get it back. Your profile information and your pages will no longer be visible to other users. The content of any forum posts you have written will still be visible, but your name will no longer be displayed.';
$string['accountdeleted'] = 'Your account has been deleted.';
$string['resizeonuploaduserdefault'] = 'Enable "Resize large images on upload" by default';
$string['resizeonuploaduserdefaultdescription'] = 'Tick this box to set the "Resize large images on upload" checkbox option to "on" by default when uploading files. Untick to have that checkbox option set to "off" by default.';
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