Commit 120c9379 authored by Robert Lyon's avatar Robert Lyon Committed by Aaron Wells
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Bug 1471604: Terms & Conditions not displaying on register page

If there are more than one institution to choose from as the div
container 'termscontainer' is not present on page.

Change-Id: I5a7e03ff4bd0f8a5bcd933d37bbf81ca441cbf92
Signed-off-by: Robert Lyon's avatarRobert Lyon <>
parent 539d323f
{include file="header.tpl"} {include file="header.tpl"}
{if $register_form}
<p>{$registerdescription|clean_html|safe}</P> {if $register_form}
{$register_form|safe} {$register_form|safe}
{if $termsandconditions}<br><br><div id="termscontainer">{$termsandconditions|clean_html|safe}</div>{/if} <div id="termscontainer">{if $termsandconditions}{$termsandconditions|clean_html|safe}{/if}</div>
{elseif $register_profile_form} {elseif $register_profile_form}
{$register_profile_form|safe} {$register_profile_form|safe}
{/if} {/if}
{include file="footer.tpl"} {include file="footer.tpl"}
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