Commit 12103ffe authored by Ruslan Kabalin's avatar Ruslan Kabalin
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filebrowser: refresh file list if file uploading ended with QuotaExceededException

    To make sure that displayed list of files is actual.

Signed-off-by: default avatarRuslan Kabalin <>
parent 37ee9438
......@@ -669,6 +669,10 @@ function pieform_element_filebrowser_upload(Pieform $form, $element, $data) {
catch (QuotaExceededException $e) {
prepare_upload_failed_message($result, $e, $parentfoldername, $originalname);
// update the file listing
$result['quota'] = $USER->get('quota');
$result['quotaused'] = $USER->get('quotaused');
$result['newlist'] = pieform_element_filebrowser_build_filelist($form, $element, $parentfolder);
return $result;
catch (UploadException $e) {
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