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Updating "Allow remote avatars" help text

Bug 1386532

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......@@ -7,10 +7,7 @@ the <a href="">Gravatar</a> online service will be used t
<h4>Reasons to turn it off</h4>
<p>This option should be disabled in installations such as locked-down
intranets where <b>users do not have access to the wider Internet</b>. Using Gravatar in such an environment would simply add extra delays.</p>
<p>Also, for <b>sites delivered over https</b>, enabling Gravatar profile pictures might trigger security warnings on some browsers. This is due to the fact that Gravatar images are served via normal unencrypted http.</p>
<p>This option requires both the <b>user</b> and the <b>web server</b> to have access to the Gravatar server (<code></code> or <code></code>). In installations such as locked-down intranets, where such access is not available, enabling this option would simply add extra delays.</p>
<h4>Custom avatar server</h4>
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