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Behat Test: Feedback notifications

This test has a clumsy step for TinyMCE but until we get a better way to
detect a textarea is actually a TinyMCE it will do. 

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Feature: Sending notification message when someone leaves a feedback message in a group page
In order to notify a user of a feedback message in a group page
As an user I place feedback
So another person can log in and see a notification message
Given the following "users" exist:
| username | password | email | firstname | lastname | institution | authname |role |
| bob | Password1 | | Bob | Bobby | mahara | internal | member |
| jen | mahara1 | | Jen | Jenny | mahara | internal | member |
Given the following "groups" exist:
| name | owner | description | grouptype | open | invitefriends | editroles | submittableto | allowarchives | members | staff |
| Test group 1 | admin | This is group 01 | standard | ON | ON | all | ON | ON | bob , jen | jen |
Given the following "pages" exist:
| title | description| ownertype | ownername |
| Testing group page 01 | This is the page 01 of the group 01 | group | Test group 1 |
Scenario: Leaving feedback on a group page (Bug 1426983)
Given I log in as "bob" with password "Password1"
And I follow "Groups"
And I follow "Test group 1"
And I follow "Pages(tab)"
# And I click on "Pages"
And I follow "Testing group page 01"
And I follow "Place feedback"
And I fill in "Testing feedback notifications" in WYSIWYG editor "add_feedback_form_message_ifr"
And I press "Place feedback"
# Log out as user 1
And I follow "Logout"
# Log in as "Admin" user
When I log in as "admin" with password "Password1"
# Checking notification display on the dashboard
Then I should see "New feedback on Testing group page 01"
# Checking notifications also appear in my inbox
And I follow "Inbox"
And I follow "New feedback on Testing group page 01"
And I should see "Testing feedback notifications"
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