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Bug 1793227: Alter the minimum php version to be 7.0

Now that we rely on PHP7+ for things like phpunit we need to bump our
minimum PHP version


Change-Id: Icb85e8ff806e6847558ed099dfc81f19eedfd3a2
Signed-off-by: Robert Lyon's avatarRobert Lyon <>
parent 2cdddabc
......@@ -36,13 +36,19 @@ The following is a check list of the steps you need to take. Please refer to the
Mahara 19.04 supports direct upgrades from previous Mahara versions 15.04.0 and later.
If you are upgrading from an earlier version you will need to upgrade
in two steps:
in either two or three steps:
if site version begins with 1.X first upgrade to 15.04
* Upgrade version 'X' -> 15.04.X (latest 15.04 version)
then/else upgrade version to 17.04
* Upgrade version 'X' -> 17.04.X (latest 17.04 version)
* Upgrade version 15.04.X -> 'Y'
* Upgrade version 17.04.X -> 'Y'
To upgrade an existing Mahara installation, follow the instructions here:
"require": {
"php": ">=5.5.6",
"php": "^7.0",
"behat/behat": "^3.4.0",
"behat/mink": "^1.7",
"behat/mink-extension": "^2.3",
......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ defined('INTERNAL') || die();
function ensure_sanity() {
// PHP version
$phpversionrequired = '5.5.9';
$phpversionrequired = '7.0.0';
if (version_compare(phpversion(), $phpversionrequired) < 0) {
throw new ConfigSanityException(get_string('phpversion', 'error', $phpversionrequired));
......@@ -107,7 +107,8 @@ Background:
And I log out
And I log in as "UserB" with password "Kupuh1pa!"
And I scroll to the id 'bottom-pane'
And I wait "1" seconds
And I scroll to the center of id 'row_1'
And I follow "Collection UserA_01"
And I should see "This is comment 3"
And I should not see "This is comment 2"
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