Commit 1d74f6ec authored by Cecilia Vela Gurovic's avatar Cecilia Vela Gurovic Committed by Gerrit Code Review
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Merge "Bug 1827797: PDF viewer not hiding submenus on loading"

parents eabec30a 9bf5ee03
......@@ -70,16 +70,16 @@ See
<div id="sidebarContent">
<div id="thumbnailView">
<div id="outlineView" class="d-none">
<div id="outlineView" class="hidden">
<div id="attachmentsView" class="d-none">
<div id="attachmentsView" class="hidden">
<div id="sidebarResizer" class="hidden"></div>
</div> <!-- sidebarContainer -->
<div id="mainContainer">
<div class="findbar d-none doorHanger" id="findbar">
<div class="findbar hidden doorHanger" id="findbar">
<div id="findbarInputContainer">
<input id="findInput" class="toolbarField" title="Find" placeholder="Find in document…" tabindex="91" data-l10n-id="find_input">
<div class="splitToolbarButton">
......@@ -103,7 +103,7 @@ See
<input type="checkbox" id="findEntireWord" class="toolbarField" tabindex="96">
<label for="findEntireWord" class="toolbarLabel" data-l10n-id="find_entire_word_label">Whole words</label>
<span id="findResultsCount" class="toolbarLabel d-none"></span>
<span id="findResultsCount" class="toolbarLabel hidden"></span>
<div id="findbarMessageContainer">
......@@ -111,7 +111,7 @@ See
</div> <!-- findbar -->
<div id="secondaryToolbar" class="secondaryToolbar d-none doorHangerRight">
<div id="secondaryToolbar" class="secondaryToolbar hidden doorHangerRight">
<div id="secondaryToolbarButtonContainer">
<button id="secondaryPresentationMode" class="secondaryToolbarButton presentationMode visibleLargeView" title="Switch to Presentation Mode" tabindex="51" data-l10n-id="presentation_mode">
<span data-l10n-id="presentation_mode_label">Presentation Mode</span>
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