Commit 20cb9ed2 authored by Liam Sharpe's avatar Liam Sharpe
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Fixed missing class description on content > files - Bug #1530207


Change-Id: I4cc28c03168863df4324d2f0e703cb8765bfb6ff
parent 74c4fdbd
......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@
<label for="{$prefix}_edit_tags">{str tag=tags}</label>
<input name="{$prefix}_edit_tags" id="{$prefix}_edit_tags" class="text" type="text" value="{foreach from=$fileinfo->tags item=tag name=tags}{if !$.foreach.tags.first}, {/if}{$tag}{/foreach}" />
<span>{contextualhelp plugintype='artefact' pluginname='file' section='tags'}</span>
<div class="file-description">{str tag=tagsdescprofile}</div>
<div class="description">{str tag=tagsdescprofile}</div>
{if $groupinfo}
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