Commit 20da6bf8 authored by Aaron Wells's avatar Aaron Wells Committed by Robert Lyon
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Removing the redundant new local function for style overrides

Bug 1346926: This bug replicates the functionality of the
newly enhanced (in bug 1328310) local/theme directory. I'm
updating the documentation of local/theme at the same time,
to try to avoid this kind of replication in future.

Change-Id: Ia36442ac264f5e0740278592e734ddc0838bb80f
parent fbe67f5a
......@@ -103,7 +103,11 @@ ensure_sanity();
require(get_config('docroot') . 'local/lib.php');
// Optional local/lib.php file
$locallib = get_config('docroot') . 'local/lib.php';
if (file_exists($locallib)) {
// Database access functions
......@@ -422,15 +422,6 @@ EOF;
// Allow for sysadmin to include a local stylesheet to override some styles without
// having to edit a theme and remember the changes on upgrade.
if (function_exists('local_add_stylesheet')) {
$localsheet = local_add_stylesheet($THEME->basename);
if ($localsheet) {
$stylesheets = array_merge($stylesheets, $localsheet);
$smarty->assign('STRINGJS', $stringjs);
$stylesheets = append_version_number($stylesheets);
$smarty->assign('STYLESHEETLIST', $stylesheets);
......@@ -3,20 +3,10 @@
* Library file for miscellaneous local customisations.
* For simple customisation of a Mahara site, the core code will call some local_* functions
* which may be defined in this file.
* which may be defined in a file called local/lib.php
* Functions that will be called by core if they are defined:
* - local_add_stylesheet($themename): all local style overrides in a sheet living at /local/theme/$name/styles.css
* Example - where it will try and find a local sheet for whichever theme you are on:
* function local_add_stylesheet($themename) {
* if (file_exists(get_config('docroot') . 'local/theme/' . $themename . '/style.css')) {
* return array(get_config('wwwroot') . 'local/theme/' . $themename . '/style.css');
* }
* return false;
* }
* If you are doing major style changes it is better to create your own theme.
* - local_can_remove_viewtype($viewtype): stop users from deleting views of a particular type
* - local_get_allowed_blocktypes($category, $view): Limit which blocktypes are allowed on a view
Local customizations directory
This directory is the recommended place for local customizations.
It can be used for customizations to your site that don't fit into any Mahara's
other plugin types, as well as for accessing various "Hooks" to override the
default behavior.
See also
Function hooks
The file "local/lib.php" can contain various functions which allow your site
to override Mahara's default behavior. See the sample file local/lib-dist.php
for a full list.
Installation hooks
You can define definitions for the methods in "local/install.php" to execute
PHP code before or after the Mahara installation process.
You can place database definitions in a file called "local/db/install.xml",
and these will be executed during the Mahara installation process just like
the core or plugin install.xml files.
Upgrade hooks
You can use "local/version.php" and "local/upgrade.php" to run upgrade scripts,
the same as the core and plugin upgrade scripts.
Custom language strings
You can override language strings by placing lang files under "/local/lang/{}".
You don't have to provide a replacement for every string in the file, only those strings
that you want to override. This is especially handy for if you want to customize only
one or two strings.
* local/lang/en.utf8/mahara.php
* local/lang/en.utf8/blocktype.contactinfo.php
* local/lang/en.utf8/
Custom help files
Similarly, you can provide custom help files by placing them under
/local/lang/{language}/help/{forms|pages|sections}/{filename}.html for core help files
or /local/lang/{language}/help/{forms|pages|sections}/{plugintype}.{pluginname}.{filename}.html
for plugins.
* local/lang/en.utf8/help/forms/adduser.friendscontrol.html
* local/lang/en.utf8/help/forms/
Custom theme files
You can override theme files by placing them under /local/theme. Files placed here will override
ALL themes in the site.
* Core emplate file: local/theme/templates/index.tpl
* Core stylesheet: local/theme/static/style/style.css
* Core static file: local/theme/static/images/site-logo.png
* Plugin template file: local/theme/artefact/file/templates/profileicons.tpl
* Plugin static file: local/theme/blocktype/creativecommons/static/images/seal.png
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