Commit 25caa5d1 authored by Mike Kelly's avatar Mike Kelly Committed by Richard Mansfield
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Display 'resize images on upload' option in filebrowser form element.

Only display if user option is enabled in file config options.

Change-Id: Iaa19508f65701216e30435b34e9b262cb2393ab1
Signed-off-by: default avatarMike Kelly <>
parent 2af07c6c
......@@ -61,6 +61,15 @@
{if $config.uploadagreement}<script>setNodeAttribute('{$prefix}_userfile', 'disabled', true);</script>{/if}
{if $config.resizeonuploaduseroption}
<tr id="{$prefix}_resizeonuploaduseroption" class="description">
<td>{str tag='resizeonuploadenablefilebrowser' section='artefact.file' arg1=$resizeonuploadmaxwidth arg2=$resizeonuploadmaxheight}
<input type="checkbox" name="{$prefix}_resizeonuploaduserenable" id="{$prefix}_resizeonuploaduserenable" {if $resizeonuploadenable && $config.resizeonuploaduserdefault}checked{/if}/>
{contextualhelp plugintype='artefact' pluginname='file' form='files_filebrowser' element='resizeonuploaduseroption'}
<tr class="uploadform">
<td id="{$prefix}_uploadsubmit_container">{* filebrowser.js may add a submit button in here even if config.submitbutton is off *}
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