Commit 267f6bc2 authored by Son Nguyen's avatar Son Nguyen Committed by Aaron Wells
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Make sure TinyMCE shows up on Feedback forms after failure to submit

Bug 1450705: The normal Wysiwyg Pieform element's "onload()" can't
handle the TinyMCE in the feedback area, because of the additional
Feedback logic for hiding & showing the Feedback form.

Change-Id: Ic2c7ad8c2ce8720ba1fcaf19c3ec71b6529b4ff0
parent 6df28ecf
......@@ -737,6 +737,7 @@ class ArtefactTypeComment extends ArtefactType {
'autofocus' => false,
'elements' => array(),
'jssuccesscallback' => 'addFeedbackSuccess',
'jserrorcallback' => 'addFeedbackError',
if (!$USER->is_logged_in()) {
$form['spam'] = array(
......@@ -8,6 +8,19 @@
* @copyright For copyright information on Mahara, please see the README file distributed with this software.
* This called when data of submitted feedback form are invalid
* This shows the tinymce editor and error message
function addFeedbackError(form, data) {
if (isTinyMceUsed()) {
var mce = tinyMCE.get('add_feedback_form_message');;
formError(form, data);
function addFeedbackSuccess(form, data) {
addElementClass('add_feedback_form', 'hidden');
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