Commit 2a357b58 authored by Liam Sharpe's avatar Liam Sharpe Committed by Robert Lyon
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Added a missing bottom border into notifaction sent section - Bug #1553860

When there is no 'replayall' footer link present


Change-Id: Ifa1f2a3487c8ab568a8465a48b87fd817c7e1a07
parent 9b4927a3
......@@ -62,7 +62,7 @@
<div id="notification-{$item->id}" class="collapse">
{if $item->message}
<div class="content panel-body">
<div class="panel-body {if !($item->canreplyall)} no-footer{/if}">
<p class="tousers recipientlist">
{str section='module.multirecipientnotification' tag='touser'}:
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