Commit 2a862c38 authored by Nigel McNie's avatar Nigel McNie
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Make sure that delete_user won't append .deleted.timestamp to usernames/emails more than once.

This allows us to call delete_user more than once on the same user without any harm.
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......@@ -641,18 +641,30 @@ function unsuspend_user($userid) {
* Deletes a user
* This function ensures that a user is deleted according to how Mahara wants a
* deleted user to be. You can call it multiple times on the same user without
* harm.
* @param int $userid The ID of the user to delete
function delete_user($userid) {
// We want to append 'deleted.timestamp' to some unique fields in the usr
// table, so they can be reused by new accounts
$fieldstomunge = array('username', 'email');
$datasuffix = '.deleted.' . time();
$user = get_record('usr', 'id', $userid, null, null, null, null, implode(', ', $fieldstomunge));
$deleterec = new StdClass;
$deleterec->id = $userid;
$deleterec->username = get_field('usr', 'username', 'id', $userid) . $datasuffix;
$deleterec->deleted = 1;
$deleterec->email = get_field('usr', 'email', 'id', $userid) . $datasuffix;
foreach ($fieldstomunge as $field) {
if (!preg_match('/\.deleted\.\d+$/', $user->$field)) {
$deleterec->$field = $user->$field . $datasuffix;
// Set authinstance to default internal, otherwise the old authinstance can be blocked from deletion
// by deleted users.
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