Unverified Commit 2b19f6eb authored by Gerald Quimpo's avatar Gerald Quimpo Committed by Glenn Walbran
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Bug 1819379: fix behat timing issue,

   wait until xpath/text is present before asserting that the text
   is there.


Change-Id: I5799316fd8d4ee38729ad860454c885c364785a5
parent 81e4983b
......@@ -20,6 +20,7 @@ Scenario: Uploading groups via CSV and editing as an admin (Bug 1420590)
# Attaching the groups via CSV
And I attach the file "groups.csv" to "CSV file"
When I press "Add groups by CSV"
And I wait until "//div[text()='Your CSV file was processed successfully.']" "xpath_element" exists
And I should see "Your CSV file was processed successfully."
And I choose "Update group members by CSV" in "Groups" from administration menu
# Verify the warnings there
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