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A much simpler template for the artefactchooser element now that the...

A much simpler template for the artefactchooser element now that the pagination deals with the number of results and each result is a different smarty template.
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{if $artefacts}
<table id="{$datatable}">
{foreach from=$artefacts item=artefact}
<tr title="{$artefact->hovertitle|escape}">
<td style="width: 20px;">{if $selectone}<input type="radio" class="radio"id="{$elementname}_{$artefact->id}" name="{$elementname}" value="{$artefact->id|escape}"{if $value == $artefact->id} checked="checked"{/if}>{else}<input type="checkbox">{/if}</td>
<td style="width: 22px;"><img src="{$artefact->icon|escape}" alt="*"></td>
<th><label for="{$elementname}_{$artefact->id}">{if $artefact->description}{$artefact->description|escape}{else}{$artefact->title|escape}{/if}</label></th>
<div class="ac-pagination">{$pagination}{* mahara_pagelinks url=$baseurl count=$count limit=$limit offset=$offset offsetname=$offsetname datatable=$datatable json_script=view/artefactchooser.json.php firsttext='' previoustext='' nexttext='' lasttext='' numbersincludefirstlast=false *}</div>
<div class="ac-results">{$count} results</div>
<p>Sorry, no artefacts to choose from</p>
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