Commit 2d0a6ccd authored by Aaron Wells's avatar Aaron Wells
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Updating $cfg->productionmode description

Change-Id: Ic4cf6ce503c340c4f2833e5b6b81d7271b0edafe
parent 48960821
......@@ -395,8 +395,11 @@ $cfg->favicondisplay = '';
* @global bool $cfg->productionmode If false, a message is shown at the top of the screen saying that the
* site is not in production mode, and that some data may be missing and/or
* out of date
* site is not in production mode; and a number of other parameters are overridden with sensible defaults
* for a dev site. (See init.php for the full effect).
* Because productionmode=false overrides a lot of settings with sensible dev mode defaults, if you want to
* fine-tune your settings on your dev site, you'll paradoxically need to set productionmode=true.
$cfg->productionmode = true;
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