Commit 2e873d2a authored by Nigel Cunningham's avatar Nigel Cunningham Committed by Gerrit Code Review
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(Bug 1318432) Ensure errorhandler called

In sendjsonrequest, if the request completes but returns an error,
we should invoke the caller's error handling function.

Change-Id: I52ef8ae900796c5db4532fa11c2a152d8a75b838
Signed-off-by: default avatarNigel Cunningham <>
parent 57035b28
......@@ -256,12 +256,14 @@ function sendjsonrequest(script, data, rtype, successcallback, errorcallback, qu
else if (data.error == 'local') {
errtype = 'error';
else {
logWarning('invoking globalErrorHandler(', data, this, arguments, ')');
// Trying something ninja. The call failed, but in the event that the global error
// handler can recover, maybe it can be called
if (errtype) {
if (typeof(data.message) == 'string') {
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