Commit 2f35bd7c authored by Jono Mingard's avatar Jono Mingard
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Added alt text to 'Hide' button for homepage information (Bug #1278198)

Change-Id: I777f99b788c290ac1de37ea127ab4883b27af959
Signed-off-by: default avatarJono Mingard <>
parent a1958cc6
......@@ -1033,7 +1033,7 @@ $string['theme'] = 'Theme';
$string['choosetheme'] = 'Choose theme...';
// Homepage info block
$string['Hide'] = 'Hide';
$string['Hide2'] = 'Hide information box';
$string['createcollect'] = 'Create and collect';
$string['createcollectsubtitle'] = 'Develop your portfolio';
$string['updateprofile'] = 'Update your profile';
<div id="home-info-container">
{if $USER->is_logged_in()}<div id="hideinfo" class="nojs-hidden-block"><a title="{str tag=Hide}"><img src="{theme_url filename='images/btn_close.png'}" alt="[x]" /></a></div>{/if}
{if $USER->is_logged_in()}
<div id="hideinfo" class="nojs-hidden-block">
<a href="#" title="{str tag=Hide2}">
<img src="{theme_url filename='images/btn_close.png'}" alt="{str tag=Close}" />
<table class="home-info-table{if $USER->is_logged_in()} loggedin{/if} fullwidth">
<th class="home-info home-info-1">
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