Commit 2fbf84c6 authored by Jen Zajac's avatar Jen Zajac Committed by Aaron Wells
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Change raw theme's help icon to info blue


  Bug #1465107

Change-Id: I8db5f7a6d1900b894785d0f8a1773c8a4a506822
parent 4e89ac8d
......@@ -15,5 +15,5 @@ $admin-title-bg: $brand-primary !default;
$dashboard-widget-bg: darken(#f9f9f9, 2%) !default;
$dashboard-widget-color: $brand-primary !default;
$help-icon-color: darken(#22C49C, 5%) !default;
$help-icon-color: $state-info-text !default;
$rss-icon-color: #FE6500 !default;
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