Commit 3294e24b authored by Richard Mansfield's avatar Richard Mansfield
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Add small logo image for view header

parent 5a79861c
......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
<div id="top-wrapper">
<div class="viewheader center rel">
<div class="rbuttons">
<a class="small-logo" href="{$WWWROOT}"><img src="{theme_url filename='images/site-logo.png'}" alt="{$sitename|escape}"></a>
<a class="small-logo" href="{$WWWROOT}"><img src="{theme_url filename='images/site-logo-small.png'}" alt="{$sitename|escape}"></a>
{if $mnethost}&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="{$mnethost.url}">{str tag=backto arg1=$}</a>{/if}
<div class="lbuttons">
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