Commit 32be85a5 authored by Richard Mansfield's avatar Richard Mansfield
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Add Request to list of group options (bug #970439)

"Group Type:" is no longer an appropriate label to display in the
group info block; instead the group options are just listed without a
label, as they are on Find/My Groups.  Request membership is added to
the list when that option is set.

Also, on Find/My Groups, the group description is put on a new line,
below the list of options.

Change-Id: I8bddccb42a7985fc8f2ed0700adb2dadd3c6eb88
Signed-off-by: default avatarRichard Mansfield <>
parent bb87134c
......@@ -81,7 +81,6 @@ $string['editroles'] = 'Create and edit pages';
$string['editrolesdescription'] = 'Roles with permission to create and edit group pages.';
$string['allexceptmember'] = 'Everyone except ordinary members';
$string['Admin'] = 'Admin';
$string['grouptype'] = 'Group type';
$string['publiclyviewablegroup'] = 'Publicly viewable group';
$string['publiclyviewablegroupdescription'] = 'Allow people who are not logged in to view this group including the forums.';
$string['Type'] = 'Type';
......@@ -2010,6 +2010,9 @@ function group_display_settings($group) {
if ($group->jointype != 'approve') {
$settings[] = get_string('membershiptype.abbrev.'.$group->jointype, 'group');
if ($group->request) {
$settings[] = get_string('requestmembership', 'group');
if ($group->submittableto) {
$settings[] = get_string('allowssubmissions', 'group');
<h3><a href="{group_homepage_url($group)}">{$group->name}</a></h3>
<h6>{foreach name=admins from=$group->admins item=user}<a href="{profile_url($user)}">{$user|display_name}</a>{if !$.foreach.admins.last}, {/if}{/foreach}</h6>
<div class="inline s"> - {$group->settingsdescription}
{if $group->settingsdescription}<div class="inline s"> - {$group->settingsdescription}</div>{/if}
<div class="s">{$group->description|str_shorten_html:100:true|safe}</div>
{if $group->membercount}
<div class="s"><a href="{$WWWROOT}group/members.php?id={$group->id}">{$group->membercount} {if $group->membercount > 1}{str tag=members section=group}{else}{str tag=member section=group}{/if}</a></div>
<li><label class="groupinfolabel">{str tag=groupadmins section=group}:</label> {foreach name=admins from=$group->admins item=user}
<img src="{profile_icon_url user=$user maxwidth=20 maxheight=20}" alt="">
<a href="{profile_url($user)}">{$user|display_name}</a>{if !$.foreach.admins.last}, {/if}
<li><label class="groupinfolabel">{str tag=grouptype section=group}:</label> {$group->settingsdescription}</li>
{if $group->categorytitle}<li><label>{str tag=groupcategory section=group}:</label> {$group->categorytitle}</li>{/if}
<li><label class="groupinfolabel">{str tag=Created section=group}:</label> {$group->ctime}</li>
<li class="last">
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