Commit 35a58fb6 authored by Nigel McNie's avatar Nigel McNie Committed by Nigel McNie
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Added language strings for new upgrade display

parent 3275cd2e
......@@ -43,13 +43,17 @@ $string['toversion'] = 'To version';
$string['notinstalled'] = 'Not installed';
$string['nothingtoupgrade'] = 'Nothing to upgrade';
$string['performinginstallsandupgrades'] = 'Performing installs and upgrades...';
$string['runupgrade'] = 'Run upgrade';
$string['successfullyinstalled'] = 'Successfully installed Mahara!';
$string['thefollowingupgradesareready'] = 'The following upgrades are ready:';
$string['upgradeloading'] = 'Loading...';
$string['upgrades'] = 'Upgrades';
$string['upgradesuccess'] = 'Successfully upgraded';
$string['upgradesuccesstoversion'] = 'Successfully upgraded to version ';
$string['upgradefailure'] = 'Failed to upgrade!';
$string['noupgrades'] = 'Nothing to upgrade! You are fully up to date!';
$string['fixtemplatescontinue'] = 'Some view templates failed to install. Continue here for more information and a fix.';
$string['youcanupgrade'] = 'You can upgrade Mahara from %s (%s) to %s (%s)!';
// Admin navigation menu
$string['adminhome'] = 'Admin home';
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