Commit 36923d64 authored by Melissa Draper's avatar Melissa Draper
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Revert "Wall blocktype submit: remove slash in the goto path."

The removal of the leading / has caused this to trip the
exception at line 2421 of htcdocs/lib/web.php
which gets triggered when javascript is not enabled. This change
preceded the general redirect changes, as well as the usage of gerrit.
It appears to not have been made to fix anything in particular, so it's
being reverted to fix the issue at hand.

This reverts commit 6415c6bf

Signed-off-by: default avatarMelissa Draper <>
Change-Id: Ia511efeb14dad2771801593771ca6c406c751799
parent 77c45fa7
......@@ -233,7 +233,7 @@ EOF;
'message' => get_string('addpostsuccess', 'blocktype.wall'),
'posts' => $renderedposts,
'block' => $values['instance'],
'goto' => 'user/view.php?id=' . $owner,
'goto' => '/user/view.php?id=' . $owner,
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