Commit 36f929a9 authored by Cecilia Vela Gurovic's avatar Cecilia Vela Gurovic
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Bug 1751132: update mtime in group table

when the group is edited or deleted.

Change-Id: I8cba098cedaf839b11d750582d527e47ca715848
parent c44c2def
......@@ -664,6 +664,8 @@ function group_update($new, $create=false) {
$new->mtime = db_format_timestamp(time());
update_record('group', $new, 'id');
// Add users who have requested membership of a group that's becoming
......@@ -960,6 +962,7 @@ function group_delete($groupid, $shortname=null, $institution=null, $notifymembe
'institution' => null,
'category' => null,
'urlid' => null,
'mtime' => db_format_timestamp(time()),
'id' => $group->id,
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