Commit 39352161 authored by Mason Warring's avatar Mason Warring Committed by Jinelle Foley-Barnes
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Changed language string for proxy authenticated model


Bug 1535849

Change-Id: I795bc3d81b20840b359bd519931b544f1a9ac16c
parent aed49fe9
......@@ -560,7 +560,7 @@ $string['proxysettings'] = 'Proxy settings';
$string['proxyaddress'] = 'Proxy address';
$string['proxyaddressdescription'] = 'If your site uses a proxy server to access the Internet, specify the proxies in <em>hostname:portnumber</em> notation.';
$string['proxyaddressset'] = 'Proxy address set';
$string['proxyauthmodel'] = 'Proxy authenticated model';
$string['proxyauthmodel'] = 'Proxy authentication model';
$string['proxyauthmodeldescription'] = 'Select your proxy\'s authentication model, if appropriate';
$string['proxyauthmodelbasic'] = 'Basic (NCSA)';
$string['proxyauthmodelset'] = 'Proxy authentication model has been set.';
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