Commit 3a664bff authored by Richard Mansfield's avatar Richard Mansfield
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Send view release notification in view owner's language

parent 3a2b2f89
......@@ -382,11 +382,12 @@ class View {
$releaseuser = optional_userobj($releaseuser);
$this->set('submittedto', null);
$ownerlang = get_user_language($this->get('owner'));
array('users' => array($this->get('owner')),
'subject' => get_string('viewreleasedsubject'),
'message' => get_string('viewreleasedmessage', 'mahara',
'subject' => get_string_from_language($ownerlang, 'viewreleasedsubject'),
'message' => get_string_from_language($ownerlang, 'viewreleasedmessage', 'mahara',
get_field('group', 'name', 'id', $groupid),
display_name($releaseuser, $this->get_owner_object()))));
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