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Bug 1944644: Update docker Readme db connection

Add instructions for connecting to db
with docker instance

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......@@ -139,6 +139,17 @@ These commands are for wiping an existing database and restoring a database from
* `make docker-database-refresh`: Deletes the current database and creates an empty one.
* `dbpath="/example/database/" make docker-database-restore`: Restores a database from a database file that you specified in the path. Your previous database will be deleted.
### Connect to the database
1. Run `docker ps` to list the running containers.
1. Get the container ID and port number of the PostreSQL container.
1. Run `docker exec -it <container id> /bin/bash` to enter the container.
1. Run `psql -h -U mahara -W -p 5432 mahara` to connect to the Mahara database. You will be asked for the password. It is stated in the config.php file.
If you fail to connect at this point, check your `.env` file for the correct value in the `MAHARA_DB_*` value. If you don't have an `.env` file, check in the `config-environment.php` file.
Run SQL queries.
### Run automated tests
To run PHPUnit and Behat tests, a different image is required. You can get it by running `make docker-builder`.
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