Commit 3d550f91 authored by Liam Stewart's avatar Liam Stewart Committed by Jinelle Foley-Barnes
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Behat test for Deleted Wall Posts [Bug #1255222]

This test takes you to the URL of a deleted post

What we are looking for is for the text NOT to say
'[blockinstancenotfound/error]', but we want it to say
'Block instance with id %s not found.'

Change-Id: I0395be414d5a331569bbcc71729529f5245b4cfb
Signed-off-by: default avatarJinelle Foley-Barnes <>
parent b95ca2e5
@javascript @core @core_wallpost
Feature: To go onto the Mahara website
In order to go to a deleted wall post
As an admin
So I can see if the correct message shows
Scenario: Error Message For Deleted Wall Post (Bug 1255222)
Given I log in as "admin" with password "Password1"
Given the following "users" exist:
| username | password | email | firstname | lastname | institution | authname | role |
| userA | Password1 | | Pete | Mc | mahara | internal | member |
And I follow "Logout"
And I log in as "userA" with password "Password1"
When I go to "http://mahara/blocktype/wall/wall.php?id=9999"
Then I should not see "$[[blockinstancenotfound/error]]"
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