Commit 3f237fa4 authored by Melissa Draper's avatar Melissa Draper

Swap multiple journals hidden option to disabled instead of ignored

(bug #942239)

The multiple journals option needs to be not changeable if users
have more than one journal. However removing it altogether is
confusing. Disabling the option is less confusing.

Change-Id: Icd7b67fffd2a0ff3fd4f5272fe5acbe9328b55ff
Signed-off-by: default avatarMelissa Draper <>
parent 88947ce0
......@@ -116,10 +116,9 @@ $elements['accountoptionsdesc'] = array(
// Add general account options
$elements = array_merge($elements, general_account_prefs_form_elements($prefs));
// If the user doesn't have exactly one blog, don't show the multipleblogs option.
$blogcount = count_records('artefact', 'artefacttype', 'blog', 'owner', $USER->get('id')) ;
if ($blogcount != 1 && $prefs->multipleblogs == 1) {
$elements['multipleblogs']['ignore'] = true;
$elements['multipleblogs']['disabled'] = true;
$elements['submit'] = array(
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