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Merge "Behat Test: Switches on edit forum page (Bug 1431569)"

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Feature: Switching switch on and off when editing a forum
In order to automatically subscribe users via switchbox
As an admin
I need to be able to flick the switch on and off
Scenario: Turning on and off switches in the group forums tab (Bug 1431569)
Given I log in as "admin" with password "Password1"
And I choose "My groups" in "Groups"
And I follow "Create group"
And I set the following fields to these values:
| Group name | Turtles |
When I press "Save group"
And I follow "Forums"
And I follow "General discussion"
And I follow "Edit forum"
# There are 2 settings links on the page and it needs to identify which one to follow
And I follow "Forum settings"
# Checking "Automatically subscribe users" swtichbox is on by default
And the "edit_interaction_autosubscribe" checkbox should be checked
# Checking it can be turned off
When I uncheck "edit_interaction_autosubscribe"
# Checking it can turn back on
Then I check "edit_interaction_autosubscribe"
# Verifying that it did turn back on
And the "edit_interaction_autosubscribe" checkbox should be checked
# Checking off is the default setting on the close new topics checkbox
And the "edit_interaction_closetopics" checkbox should not be checked
# Checking it turns on
And I check "edit_interaction_closetopics"
# Checking it turns back off
And I uncheck "edit_interaction_closetopics"
And I press "Save"
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