Commit 3fdda559 authored by Jono Mingard's avatar Jono Mingard
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Use global $CFG in get_configs_user_institutions() (Bug #1264429)

The get_configs_user_institutions() method used the global $CFG variable
without declaring it, causing warnings when trying to set a property of it

Change-Id: Id02edcf735ffc3c8a779dc787715a6ba20626af1
Signed-off-by: default avatarJono Mingard <>
parent 584de240
......@@ -1102,7 +1102,7 @@ function get_config_institution($institutionname, $key) {
* supplied by load_user_institutions(). Array key is institution name.
function get_configs_user_institutions($key, $userid = null) {
global $USER;
global $USER, $CFG;
if ($userid === null) {
$userid = $USER->id;
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