Commit 3fe46013 authored by Aaron Wells's avatar Aaron Wells Committed by Gerrit Code Review
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Merge "bug#1607231: Remove check if user is an admin of the institution when updating a group."

parents 0b7e72c3 d3261e33
......@@ -574,14 +574,6 @@ function group_update($new, $create=false) {
throw new NotFoundException("group_update: group not found");
if (!empty($old->institution) && $old->institution != 'mahara') {
// Api-controlled group; check permissions.
global $USER;
if (!$USER->can_edit_institution($old->institution)) {
throw new AccessDeniedException("group_update: cannot update a group in this institution");
if (
(isset($new->submittableto) && empty($new->submittableto)) ||
(!isset($new->submittableto) && empty($old->submittableto))
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