Commit 4078222d authored by Nelson Moller's avatar Nelson Moller Committed by Robert Lyon
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Bug 1703608: Selecting the lang for inst membership confirmation messages

Choosing the correct language for the confirmation message sent when
a user is added to an institution that has a different language than
the site default.


Change-Id: I832a18777654dc82d506e3d3a1238a74c6a6bdd7
parent c01b02cb
......@@ -299,16 +299,18 @@ class Institution {
$user = get_record('usr', 'id', $user);
if ($lang = get_account_preference($user->id, 'lang')) {
// The user has a preset lang preference so we will use this
else if ($this->lang != 'default') {
// The user hasn't been added yet, so we have to manually use this institution's lang
$lang = $this->lang;
$lang = get_account_preference($user->id, 'lang');
if ($lang == 'default') {
// The user does not have a preset lang preference so we will use the institution if it has one.
$institution_lang = !empty($this->configs['lang']) ? $this->configs['lang'] : 'default';
if ($institution_lang != 'default') {
$lang = $institution_lang;
else {
$lang = get_user_language($user->id);
$lang = get_config('lang');
$userinst = new StdClass;
$userinst->institution = $this->name;
$studentid = get_field('usr_institution_request', 'studentid', 'usr', $user->id,
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