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fixed up and improved phpdoc for the entry point to the notification api

parent 92d744a4
......@@ -57,10 +57,22 @@ function activity_occured($activitytype, $data) {
* activity and who needs to know about it.
* @param object $activitytype record from activity_type
* @param mixed $data
* @param mixed $data must contain message to save.
* it can also contain url.
* each activity type has different requirements of $data -
* <b>admin types (contactus, objectionable, virusrepeat, virusrelease)</b> don't have any extra requirements
* <b>maharamessage</b> must contain $users, an array of userids.
* <b>usermessage</b> must contain $userto, id of recipient user.
* <b>feedback</b> must contain either $view (id of view) or $artefact (id of artefact)
* <b>watchlist</b> must contain either $view (id of view) or $artefact (id of artefact)
* <b>newview</b> must contain $owner userid of view owner AND $view (id of new view)
function handle_activity($activitytype, $data) {
$data = (object)$data;
if (empty($data->message)) {
throw new InvalidArgumentException("message was empty for $activitytype!");
$users = array();
$prefix = get_config('dbprefix');
......@@ -71,7 +83,7 @@ function handle_activity($activitytype, $data) {
switch ($activitytype->name) {
// easy ones first :)
case 'maharamessage':
$users = activity_get_users($activitytype->name, null, $data->users);
$users = activity_get_users($activitytype->name, $data->users);
case 'usermessage':
$users = activity_get_users($activitytype->name, array($data->userto));
......@@ -140,10 +152,12 @@ function handle_activity($activitytype, $data) {
safe_require('notification', 'internal', 'lib.php', 'require_once');
$data->type = $activitytype;
foreach ($users as $user) {
if ($user->method != 'internal') {
safe_require('notification', $method, 'lib.php', 'require_once');
call_static_method(generate_class_name('notification', $method), 'notify_user', $user, $data);
$user->markasread = true; // if we're doing something else, don't generate unread internal ones.
// always do internal
call_static_method('PluginNotificationInternal', 'notify_user', $user, $data);
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