Commit 436657a3 authored by Clare Lenihan's avatar Clare Lenihan Committed by Clare Lenihan
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adding lang string

parent 47ae500a
......@@ -226,6 +226,7 @@ $string['numberoffriends'] = 'Friends (%s of %s)';
$string['addusertogroup'] = 'Add to ';
$string['inviteusertojoingroup'] = 'Invite to ';
$string['invitemembertogroup'] = 'Invite %s to join \'%s\'';
$string['cannotinvitetogroup'] = 'You can\'t invite this user to this group';
$string['removefriend'] = 'Remove friend';
$string['denyfriendrequestlower'] = 'Deny friend request';
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