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Bug 1683561: Added new main navigation style note to styleguide

Also made change so the link to wiki is actually follow-able

behatnotneeded: Doc only

Change-Id: Ic853d20daab8f030091cd76ac016135983525cfc
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......@@ -197,6 +197,16 @@ This button is used to show there are more options available. An example can be
<section data-markdown data-category="navigation">
### Main navigation
The Mahara navigation is displayed in collapsible format with drop-down menus. The navigation is
split up into main navigation, administration navigation and user navigation each having their own
icons and drop-down menus.
Please see <a class="follow" href="">Mahara Wiki</a> for more
details on navigation styles.
<section data-markdown data-category="navigation">
### Pagination
The pagination has "Previous" and "Next" buttons.
......@@ -653,7 +663,6 @@ This is a normal table, e.g. found in a forum.
<p class="postdetail">
Item 2
<td class="text-center">Item 3</td>
......@@ -1741,8 +1750,9 @@ Used as icon for a system notification.
// prevent example clicks going elsewhere
$j('[data-markdown] a').click(function(event) {
// prevent example clicks going elsewhere unless it is a link
// we do want a user to follow, eg help info
$j('[data-markdown] a:not(.follow)').click(function(event) {
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