Commit 4652e561 authored by Martin Langhoff's avatar Martin Langhoff Committed by Nigel McNie
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AdoDB Performance: RecordSet_postgres7->MoveNext() - remove expensive is_array()

And implicit count() of the array keys/columns. This shaves a good 5%
of the exec time of get_records('config')
parent 943e2afa
......@@ -185,8 +185,8 @@ class ADORecordSet_postgres7 extends ADORecordSet_postgres64{
if ($this->_numOfRows < 0 || $this->_numOfRows > $this->_currentRow) {
$this->fields = @pg_fetch_array($this->_queryID,$this->_currentRow,$this->fetchMode);
if (is_array($this->fields)) {
if ($this->fields && isset($this->_blobArr)) $this->_fixblobs();
if ($this->fields!==FALSE) {
if (isset($this->_blobArr)) $this->_fixblobs();
return true;
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