Commit 4692005e authored by Steven Spinelli's avatar Steven Spinelli Committed by Robert Lyon
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Bug 1787287 Behat: Add legend "Cell" to add block modal window

Change-Id: Ie380c04e23d2082de40429d51bc190e07ea6e952
parent 616f2c43
......@@ -18,8 +18,10 @@ Scenario: Create and delete text block
And I choose "Pages and collections" in "Portfolio" from main menu
And I click on "Page UserA_01" panel menu
And I click on "Edit" in "Page UserA_01" panel menu
And I follow "Text"
And I press "Add"
When I follow "Text"
# Confirm modal window has a Legend of "Cell" just above the grey blocks (Bug 1482471)
Then I should see "Cell" in the "legend" element
When I press "Add"
And I set the field "Block title" to "Text block 1"
And I set the field "Block content" to "Here is a new block."
And I press "Save"
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