Commit 48b4fbe7 authored by Donal McMullan's avatar Donal McMullan
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New string for 'inuse'

parent be2ae0d2
......@@ -34,6 +34,7 @@ $string['port'] = 'Port number';
$string['protocol'] = 'Protocol';
$string['changepasswordurl'] = 'Password-change URL';
$string['cannotremove'] = "We can't remove this auth plugin, as it's the only \\nplugin that exists for this institution.";
$string['cannotremoveinuse'] = "We can't remove this auth plugin, as it's being used by some users.\nYou must update their records before you can remove this plugin.";
$string['saveinstitutiondetailsfirst'] = 'Please save the institution details before configuring authentication plugins.';
$string['editauthority'] = 'Edit an Authority';
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