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Merge "Behat Test: New Id tag for Inbox (Bug1427019)"

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Feature: Clicking on Inbox
In order to click on the mailbox
As a student user
So I can send messages to other students
Given the following "users" exist:
| username | password | email | firstname | lastname | institution | authname | role |
| userA | Password1 | | Pete | Mc | mahara | internal | member |
Scenario: Clicking on the Inbox link on the dashboard page (Bug 1427019)
# Log in as users
Given I log in as "userA" with password "Password1"
# Navigating to the Inbox to check the new ID tag works
And I click on "mail"
# Verifying that you do not see a page full of error messages
And I should not see "Call stack"
And I should see "Notifications"
And I should see "Reply"
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