Commit 4b6042d6 authored by Donal McMullan's avatar Donal McMullan

Link remote users back to their home site without going through jump/land

parent b7192af4
......@@ -307,6 +307,7 @@ EOF;
usort($SIDEBLOCKS, create_function('$a,$b', 'if ($a["weight"] == $b["weight"]) return 0; return ($a["weight"] < $b["weight"]) ? -1 : 1;'));
$smarty->assign('userauthinstance', $USER->lastauthinstance);
$smarty->assign('SIDEBLOCKS', $SIDEBLOCKS);
return $smarty;
......@@ -2,7 +2,11 @@
{if $data}
<ul id="sitemenu">
{foreach from=$data item=peer}
{if $peer.instance != $userauthinstance}
<li class="{cycle values=r0,r1}"><a href="/auth/xmlrpc/jump.php?wr={$peer.wwwroot|escape}&ins={$peer.instance|escape}">{$}</a></li>
<li class="{cycle values=r0,r1}"><a href="{$peer.wwwroot}">{$}</a></li>
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