Commit 4eb093fe authored by Nigel McNie's avatar Nigel McNie
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Make delete_user change user's email addresses so that new users can use them. Fixes #1608.

Also noted in undelete_user what has to be done to undo this change, but I haven't implemented it because there's nowhere in Mahara where undeleting a user is possible in the UI anyhow.
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......@@ -667,17 +667,37 @@ function unsuspend_user($userid) {
* @param int $userid The ID of the user to delete
function delete_user($userid) {
$emailsuffix = '.deleted.' . time();
$deleterec = new StdClass;
$deleterec->id = $userid;
$deleterec->deleted = 1;
$deleterec->email = get_field('usr', 'email', 'id', $userid) . $emailsuffix;
update_record('usr', $deleterec);
// Because the user is being deleted, but their email address may be wanted
// for a new user, we change their email addresses to add
// 'deleted.[timestamp]'
execute_sql('UPDATE {artefact_internal_profile_email}
SET email = email || ?
WHERE owner = ?', array($emailsuffix, $userid));
handle_event('deleteuser', $userid);
* Undeletes a user
* NOTE: changing their email addresses to remove the .deleted.timestamp part
* has not been implemented yet! This function is not actually used anywhere in
* Mahara, so hasn't really been tested because of this. It's a simple enough
* job for the first person who gets there - see how delete_user works to see
* what you must undo.
* @param int $userid The ID of the user to undelete
function undelete_user($userid) {
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