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Merge "Behat Test: Web services master swtich"

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Feature: To enable webservices via the webservices configuration form
In order to use webservices
As an admin
So I can benefit from the cross over of Moodle/Mahara
Given the following "users" exist:
| username | password | email | firstname | lastname | institution | authname | role |
| userA | Password1 | | Pete | Mc | mahara | internal | member |
Scenario: Turning master swtich on
Given I log in as "admin" with password "Password1"
And I follow "Administration"
And I choose "Web services" in "Extensions"
And I follow "Web services master switch"
# Turning the master switch on
And I check "activate_webservices_enabled"
When I go to "/webservice/testclient.php"
And I should not see "The web service authentication plugin is disabled"
Scenario: Logging in as student to try turn switch on
Given I log in as "userA" with password "Password1"
And I should see "Pete Mc"
# Checking the student cant access the link
And "Administration" "link" should not be visible
Then "Web services" "link" should not be visible
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